Stop Motions

It can be increasingly hard to stand out in a competitive market, especially on social media where existing and potential customers scroll at great speed past reams of content.

Animation is one great way to create something a bit different to add into your marketing mix. This stop motion technique can be great fun to put together, and can really bring to life products which are hard to capture in other ways. “Busy” items like large hampers or selection boxes can look cluttered in a single still image, but animated they take on a life of their own and look fun, exciting and plentiful!

Animation can also be a great way to quickly show lots of options – whether it’s a product in different colours or finishes, or different ways of using/styling/customising an item.

Finally, animations like this can also be a quirky way of showing how something works or is assembled. The possibilities are endless! How would you use stop motion to help sell your products and services?!


Client Inspo


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