Food: From Field to Fork

Food, glorious food – I love it, and the Lake District has some amazing talent when it comes to creating it! If you like awards then I should probably tell you that I’m a Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year winner in two different categories and have been consistently shortlisted in this international contest over the past few years.

When I first started shooting food, clients tended to favour studio based shoots which were fairly heavily styled. Now, however, I’m equally as likely to shoot on location at the client’s premises. Although this can make the shoot more technically challenging it is less disruptive for you and your team, and also allows us to grab a few extra shots to show the location and people who are such a big part of your story. Since Covid I’ve also shot a lot of deliver-to-your-door food services. This usually works best photographed in my studio and it’s fun bringing to life all elements of the business – from a quick visit to the premises to capture the team and production, to innovative stop motions of how the final delivery arrives.

We all know how well delicious footage of food goes down on social media and online – a mouthwatering image can really lead to that all important click of action – so what are you waiting for?!


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