Pricing & Queries

What are your rates?

I charge £100-£150 per hour - there is no "day rate" but I am happy to estimate how long the job will take if you can give me enough information!

This hourly fee includes all editing/post-processing and delivery of full res files via download.

Please contact me for a quote.

Do you use a stylist?

We can discuss my recommendations for this. For many shoots it makes financial sense for me to cost in an assistant/stylist which will save you time and money. Alternatively I can style the shoot but this will slow down shooting time. I have a huge range of props and backdrops and we can hire in additional if required!

Can you edit the images in a different style to tie in with our brand?

Most of my clients book me for my current editing style, and I do prefer to deliver my work in this "house" style. I can however make exceptions - we would just need to discuss these in advance and I can show you various examples.

Please note that I charge a one off fee of £100 for custom edits and your files will then be delivered via two galleries - one custom edit and one in my house style.

Where will the shoot take place?

I shoot most of my product work in my natural light studio just outside Kendal, Cumbria.

For food/restaurant photography and lifestyle based photography we will probably be on location. Please contact me to discuss you needs.

What happens if our shoot is affected by bad weather?

If your shoot is weather dependent then I will recommend that we put in at least one back up date to allow for poor weather. We can chat through any concerns you might have.

How will I receive my images?

Images are usually delivered via download from a full res gallery. I can also provide them in a different size/resolution for you to use online if you find this easier than dealing with huge files!