Brougham Hall – Lifestyle Photography for Tourism and Retail


I must have driven past the little road up to Brougham Hall hundreds of times but am ashamed to say I didn’t know it existed!

Wow, what a hidden gem it is! Not only is it packed with history and romance, it’s also buzzing with heaps of amazing creatives – potters, jewellers, gin makers, antiques and even a forge – most with open studios and many with shops there too. It’s a perfect place to visit for culture, shopping and a cuppa!

Shoot details

  • 1 Main shoot of 4 hours followed by a 2 hour top up shoot
  • Brougham Hall, Penrith
  • Deliverables: Images for general marketing – relaxed lifestyle feel to showcase the attraction, history, artists workshops and retail as well as the on site cafe


As if often the case when working with a charitable trust, we needed to work to a fairly tight budget and make sure we planned the shoot to get as many aspects as possible covered in a short space of time. As the cafe was transferring to new ownership at the time of the first shoot we decided to split the shoot and use a couple more hours a few months later to capture the cafe and artist studios. The result was a wide and varied library – from close ups of textures around the building to wide landscape shots, as well as plenty of portraits of the people who

Tiree managed to capture the magic of our historic hall and staged some great action shots of artists in their studios and people shopping. Her images really helped us bring Brougham Hall to life for our publicity. Tiree is fantastic to work with – highly recommended!





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